Sunday, 25 January 2015

Joan Selects Volumes 15 and 16 (re-ups)

Two more volumes of Joan Selects have been re-upped. Volume 15 has a massive 35 tracks of rockabilly / rock and roll. Volume 16 is a collection of answer records, mostly R&B, and there are 40 of these 45s!

Here are the links to crackly old vinyl heaven:

Joan Selects Volume 15:

Joan Selects Volume 16:

The Tracklists:

Volume 15 - Joan's A Rockin' Little Angel:

01 Roy Orbison - Rockhouse - Sun 251
02 Janis Martin -Will You Willyum - RCA Victor 47-6491
03 John D Loudermilk - Language Of Love - RCA Victor 47-7938
04 The Roclking Chairs - A Kiss Is A Kiss - Recorte 45-402
05 Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones - Boppin Rock Boogie - ABC-Paramount 45-9837
06 Jack Scott and the Chantones - Leroy - Carlton 462
07 Joe Therrian & the Rockets - Hey Babe! Let's Go Downtown - Brunswick 9-55005
08 The Dusters - Rock' At The Hop - Cupid 5003
09 Wanda Jackson - I Gotta Know - Capitol 3485
10 The Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo - Roulette R-4192
11 Jimmy Edwards - Love Bug Crawl - Mercury 71209x45 (10.2.57)
12 Jimmie Dee and the Offbeats - Henrietta - Dot 45-15664
13 Bobby Vee and the Shadows - Suzie Baby - Liberty F-55208
14 The El-Derocks - Hound Dog Blues - Sapphire 1004
15 Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried - Sun 249
16 Ronnie Self - Bop-A-Lena - Columbia 4-41101
17 Bill Parsons - The All American Boy - Fraternity F-835
18 Buddy Knox and the Rhythm Orchids - Party Doll - Roulette R-4002
19 Link Wray and the Raymen - Rumble - Cadence 1347
20 Blue Knights - Who Me - J and J 100-B
21 Roy Orbison - Domino - Sun Album cut only
22 Robin Luke - Susie Darling - Dot 45-15781
23 Terry Noland - Hypnotized - Brunswick 55010
24 Gene Pitney - (I Wanna) Love My Life Away - Musicor MU 1002
25 Cliff Martin & his Cliff Dwellers - I Heard The Juke Box Playing - Crest 45-503
26 Carl Perkins - Put Your Cat Clothes On - Sun Album cut only
27 Sherry Davis - Just A Little Bit - 
28 Ray Campi - Loretta
29 Rusty York - Sugaree - Chess 1730
30 Carl Perkins - Tennessee - Sun Album cut only
31 Benny Joy - I'm Gonna Move - 
32 Ral Donner - You Don't Know What You've Got - Gone 5108
33 Ray Smith - Rockin' Little Angel - Judd 1016
34 Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps - Lotta Lovin' - Capitol F3763
35 Jack Huddle - Starlight - Kapp DJK-207X

Volume 16 - More Answers And Sequels:

01 Little Caesar and the Romans - Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You) - Del-Fi 4158
02 Little Caesar and the Romans - Memories of Those Oldies But Goodies - Del-Fi 4166
03 Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee - Excello 45-2113
04 Slim Harpo - Little Queen Bee - Excello 45-2246
05 Billy Ward & The Dominoes - Sixty Minute Man - Federal 45-12022-AA
06 The Du Droppers - I Can't Do Sixty No More - Red Robin 108-X45
07 Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go - King 45-5400
08 Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night) - King 45-5459
09 The Silhouettes - Get A Job - Junior 391
10 The Heartbeats - I Found A Job - Roulette R-4054
11 The Miracles - Got A Job - End E-1016
12 Ruth Brown - Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Atlantic 45-986
13 The Five Keys - Mama, Your Daughter's Told A Lie On Me - Aladdin - 3175
14 Wynonie Harris - Mama, Your Daughter's Done Lied On Me - King
15 J B Lenoir - What About Your Daughter - Checker 874
16 The Spaniels - Everybody's Laughing - Vee Jay VJ 246
17 The Jesters - I Laughed - Cyclone 5011B
18 Chris Kenner - I Like It Like That, Part 1 - Instant VR-3229
19 The Bobettes - I Don't Like It Like That - Gone 5112
20 Lonnie Johnson - Tomorrow Night - King 45-4758
21 Lonnie Johnson - Will You Remember (The Answer to "Tomorrow Night") - Rama RR-14
22 Chuck Berry - Maybelline - Chess 1604
23 Big John Greer - Come Back Maybelline – Groove 46-0119
24 Johnny Otis - Willie and the Hand Jive - Capitol F3966
25 Johnny Otis - Hand Jive One More Time -
26 The Tune Weavers - Happy, Happy Birthday Baby - Casa Grande 4037-45
27 The Tune Weavers - My Congratulations Baby - Casa Grande 3038
28 The Tune Weavers - Congratulations On Your Birthday - Checker 1007
29 The Orioles - Crying In The Chapel - Jubilee 45-5122
30 Sonny Til & The Orioles - Back To The Chapel - Charlie Parker 213
31 The Capris - There's a Moon Out Tonight - Trommers TR-101
32 The Capris - There's A Moon Out Again - Ambient Sound 02697
33 The Safaris - Image Of A Girl - Eldo 101
34 The Safaris - My Image Of A Girl Was You -
35 The Earls - Remember Then - Old Town 1130
36 The Earls - Remember Me Baby - Old Town 1181
37 The Genies - Who's That Knocking - Shad 5002
38 Jeanie and Her Boyfriends – It’s Me Knocking - Warwick 508
39 The Bobettes - Mr. Lee - Atlantic 45-1144
40 The Bobettes - I Shot Mr. Lee - Triple-X 104

That's 75 slabs of the rockinest of rockin' vinyl, as well as a pile of label scans. Thanks Joan!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Joan Selects Volumes 12, 13 and 14 (re-ups)

A much delayed Happy New Year to you movers and groovers out there. Many thanks to the person who drew my attention to the fact that the Zippyshare links to Volumes 12 and 13 of Joan Selects are no longer working. I've re-re- uploaded those 2 collections and here are the new links:

Joan Selects Volume 12:

And Joan Selects Volume 13:

You can find the track listings for these volumes on the dedicated Joan Selects page.

And here's the first re-upload of Joan Selects Volume 14:

Tracklist for Volume 14:

01- The Twilighters - Please Tell Me You Are Mine - Marshall 702
02 - Scotty Mann and the Masters - The Mystery Man - Peacock 5-1665
03 - The Duces Of Rhythm - Ain't That Good News - Peacock 5-1616
04 - The Sounds - Anything For You - Modern 45x981
05 - The Playboys - So Good - Tetra 4447
06 - The Keynotes - Really Wish You Were Here - Apollo 493
07 - The Chanters - I Love You - Combo 92
08 - The Pyramids - Hot Dog Dooley Wah  - Shell 45-711
09 - The Five Notes - Show Me The Way - Chess 1614
10 - The Performers - I'll Make You Understand - Tip Top 402
11 - The Royals - Fifth Street Blues - Federal 12088 (1952)
12 - The Five Crowns - Good Luck Darlin' - Old Town 777 (Unreleased)
13 - The Neons - My Chickadee - Tetra 4449
14 - The Quotations - Imagination - Verve VK 10245
15 - The Orlandos - Cloudburst - Cindy C-3006
16 - The Five Echoes - Why, Oh Why - Sabre 111
17 - The Ramblers - Come On Back - Trumpet 102
18 - Miriam Grate and the Dovers - Devil You May Be - New Horizon 501
19 - The Rocketeers - They Turned the Party Out At Bessie's House - M.J.C. 50T-45
20 - The Dappers - Bop Bop Bu - Rainbow 45-373
21 - The Five Blue Notes - You Gotta To Go, Baby - Sabre 108
22 - The Versatiles - Lundee Dundee - Ro-Cal 1002A
23 - The Quinns - Oh Starlight -Cyclone 111
24 - The Five Chances - California - Atomic 2494
25 - The Little Beats - Someone For Me - Mercury 71155
26 - The Five Blind Boys of Montana - Brother Bill - Vintage Records 1000
27 - The Wheels - My Hearts Desire - Premium 405-45
28 - The Whispers - Are You Sorry - Gotham G-7-312
29 - The Ideals - Knee Socks - Checker 920
30 - The Packards - Ladise - Pla-Bac P.B. 1068

A selection of label scans from some of the above treasures:

The sharp eyed among you will have spotted that "Ain't That Good News" by the Duces of Rhythm and Tempo Toppers features a vocal by Little Richard before he hit it big on Specialty. Many thanks to Joan K for these marvelous collections. I'll continue to reupload this series. Many of the LPs featured on Be Bop Wino no longer have functioning links but I will try my best to accommodate requests for new links. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Joan Selects Volume 11 - A Doo Wop Christmas

Re-upped just in time for a rhythm 'n' blues flavoured Christmas. More than 30 vocal group sides full of yuletide yearning, courtesy Joan K.

Download from here:

The tracks ripped from crackly 45s:

01 - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - The Melodeers
02 - Jingle Jangle - The Penguins
03 - White Christmas - The Drifters
04 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Harmony Grits
05 - You're My Christmas Present - The Skyliners
06 - Can This Be Christmas - The Falcons
07 - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Cadillacs
08 - It's Christmas Time - The Five Keys
09 - Rockin' Santa Claus - The Martels
10 - It's Christmas Once Again - Frankie Lymon
11 - Merry Christmas To My Heart - The Sheps
12 - Merry Merry Christmas Baby - The Tune Weavers
13 - Merry Twist-Mas - The Marcels
14 - Merry Christmas Darling (And A Happy New Year) - The Uniques
15 - Mambo, Santa, Mambo - The Enchanters
16 - Mr. Santa's Boogie - The Marshalls
17 - Just A Lonely Christmas - The Moonglows
18 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
19 - (It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas - The Orioles
20 - A Christmas Long Ago (Jingle Jingle) - The Echelons
21 - Hey Santa Claus - The Moonglows
22 - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - The Orioles
23 - White Christmas - The Ravens
24 - After New Year's Eve - The Heartbeats
25 - Every Heart Is Home At Christmas - The Five Keys
26 - Happy Holiday - The Shells
27 - Christmas Is Coming At Last - The Rhythm Kings
28 - Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus - The Hepsters
29 - Christmas Letter - La Fets and Kitty
30 - Have A Merry Christmas - The Robins
31 - Love For Christmas - The Ebonaires
32 - Merry Christmas - The Cameos

Label shots also courtesy Joan K:

Season's greetings to all of you. May we all continue to rock and roll through 2015!

Bill Doggett LP re-upped - Hot Doggett!

Dead rapidshare and megaupload links replaced - another request fulfilled! It's Christmas I tells ya. This LP was sent in by an anonymous donor some years ago. Cool organ / sax / guitar instrumental combo from King Records. Tracklist:

Side 1
1. High Heels
2. Honey Boy
3. True Blue
4. Wild Oats
5. Gumbo
6. Squashy

Side 2
1. Percy Speaks
2. Oof!
3. Shove Off
4. Quaker City
5. Who's Who
6. Early Bird

Download from here:

Original post is here, although not much info in it:

It's almost Christmas so a certain collection will have to be re-upped tomorrow ...

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

'Tis the Season of Honk - Freddie Mitchell, Noble Watts and Big Jay

And here's a belated ending to our round up of NYC tenor sax heroes of R&b and early rock 'n' roll. Freddie's here at last, in the shape of an Official LP compilation of some of his sides for Derby, where his outfit was virtually the house band, plus good stuff for Mercury and a few other labels. When Derby closed down, its masters were sold off and Freddie Mitchell sides turned up on LPs on the "X" subsidiary of RCA and on the Allegro / Royale budget label.

The latter was an imprint of a different RCA - not the well established Radio Corporation, but a budget label outfit called the Record Corporation of America. At least they reissued Freddie's sides under his own name, unlike the Remington / Masterseal / Plymouth budget LPs which released Freddie Mitchell sides under the pseudonym "Hen Gates" which is a saga which featured a few years ago on this blog. Just use the search window!

New download link:

Original post is here:

And here's a reminder of a great Noble "Thin Man" Watts comp that has been re-upped. More NYC tenor sax action:

Download from:

We now turn our rockin' attention to the West Coast and Big Jay McNeely.

It looks like all rapidshare links are now dead. I've been expecting this but I wish I'd re-uploaded more stuff before it happened. I'll deal with requests for re-ups as and when I can. A request last week drew my attention to the situation and here is the new link for the in-demand LP - The Best of Big Jay McNeely. The download includes new label scans. Full gatefold sleeve is also included. Download from here:

The original post is here:

Honk on, children!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Buddy Lucas and Jesse Powell

Almost at the end of the quick survey of 1950s NYC rock 'n' roll / R&B sax players. The "Gone All Stars" were led by Buddy Lucas who was a pretty ubiquitous figure on the New York recording scene, playing on many sessions for Jubilee, Groove, Savoy and a multiplicity of small labels. As well as leading his own groups, Buddy recorded with the Orioles, Little Anthony, Frankie Lymon, Edna McGriff, Little Willie John among many, many others.

Joan K supplied the rips and scans from the "Dancin' Bandstand" EP plus the "7-11" single. The original post (from 2008) is situated here:

The new download link for "Dancin' Bandstand" plus "7-11" is:

Jesse Powell, like Buddy Lucas, recorded on many rock 'n' roll / R&B sessions for NYC based labels such as Jubilee and Josie, being especially associated with recordings by The Cadillacs. El Enmascarado supplied the Jubilee LP "Blow Man Blow" which despite its rousing title is a collection of ballad performances by Jesse.

The original post is here:

The download link for "Blow Man Blow" is here:

I put together a home made compilation of rockin' tracks by Jesse Powell, entitled "The R&B Years". The original post is here:

The download link is here:

I was pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction to that quick "knock off" post. Sometimes spontaneous posts are much more successful than posts that are weeks or even months in the planning!

Still to come - Freddie Mitchell. He'll be along soon, honest!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tiny Bradshaw LPs and those mighty 78s

It seems fitting to post the new links to 2 Tiny Bradshaw LPs as three of our recently featured tenor sax men had spells in his band - Red Prysock, Sil Austin and Noble Watts.

The main post on Tiny is about the King LP "A Tribute To The Late Tiny Bradshaw, The Great Composer." This magnificent post which is guaranteed to treble your brainpower, increase your vocabulary tenfold and transform you into the hippest character in your neighbourhood (if you aren't already) can be found here:

Not only do you get a fantastic LP to download, you also get biographical details and a pile of scans of labels and EP covers from Joan.

For those of you with a short attention span or who are already at the top of the hipness scale, the new download link for "The Great Composer" is:

The Krazy Kat LP "Stomping Room Only" can be found at:

There is some duplication of tracks with "The Great Composer" but there are enough dynamite extras such as "T-99" and "Walk That Mess" to make it well worth your while downloading both albums.

The new download link for "Stomping Room Only" is:

We mustn't forget 3 superb 78s that El Emascarado ripped and sent in. These posts are well worth investigating for the streaming audio, label shots, and insights of El Enmascarado ( a real musician as well as failed Mexican wrestler). These posts can be found at:

Well Oh Well / I Hate You

South of the Orient / Later

Walkin' The Chalk Line / Bradshaw Boogie

These tracks were featured in the downloadable series "Jump & Jive On 78".

Monday, 10 November 2014

Sil Austin LPs

Okay groovers, 3 LPs by Sil Austin have been re-upped, plus I've added "Slow Walk Rock" which originally appeared on the Schadenfreudian Therapy blog some years back. For that album I've brightened up the cover scans and re-tagged the mp3s.

Normally I only post my own rips or donated rips, but in this case as Schadenfreudian Therapy is no longer with us, I have succumbed to temptation. Many thanks to Baikinange for originally uploading this monstrously good LP.

The main Sil Austin post on which you will find both these LPs is here:

You will find an outline of Sil's career, download links, plus updated artwork for "Everything's Shakin'". Here are the new download links if you don't wish to read the original post although I strongly recommend that you do as it will transform you from a hopeless square into a stylish, suave and knowledgeable hepcat.

In 1959 Sil recorded an album of ballads with string and vocal chorus accompaniment. "Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People" was quite a departure from his previous full-on rock 'n' roll LPs. A track from the album, "Danny Boy," was a pop hit for Sil thus justifying the new approach. You will find a link to a reissued and truncated version of the LP on this post:

I have updated the artwork to go with this album. Again, for those who have no wish to descend into the depths of the world of Be Bop Wino, here is the new download link:

Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People Again -

This 1967 follow up to "Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People" was donated by Oracle, who ran a cool retro/jazz/lounge/latin blog called Portal Of Groove which is sadly no longer with us. The front cover, which appears to be populated by refugees from "Yellow Submarine", jars somewhat with the 1940s / 50s look of Be Bop Wino but Sil still looks pretty cool.

The original post is here:

The download link is here:

Many thanks to Oracle.

Coming soon - more Big Apple sax blast with Freddie Mitchell, Buddy Lucas and Jesse Powell. PLUS Tiny Bradshaw - the band which featured Red Prysock, Sil Austin and Noble Watts, although not all at the same time!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bongo Blues / Dee's Boogie - Dee Williams Sextette (Savoy 684)

Recorded in Los Angeles, on February 18th, 1949. Released on February 29th, 1949.

Personnel: John Anderson (trumpet); Gene Montgomery (tenor sax); Richard Brown (baritone sax); Devonia "Dee" Williams (piano); Charles "Chuck" Norris (guitar); Morris Edwards (bass); Roy Porter (drums).

Devonia Williams was for many years the pianist in the Johnny Otis band. In 1949 she recorded some sides under her own name - "Bongo Blues" / "Dee's Boogie" was released as by the "Dee Williams Sextette" and "Midnite Creep" / " Double Trouble Hop" (Savoy 716) was released as by "The California Playboys."

"Bongo Blues" sold well. Billboard rated it highly: "Smart amalgam of Cu-bop and Harlem Jump, with the inevitable honk tenor to insure (sic) commercial potential." "Dee's Boogie" wasn't rated so highly: "Formula romper in the loose wig manner: pounding rhythm, one-note tenor solos with answering riffs."

The above line up is a good example of how musicians in 1940s Los Angeles could shuttle back and forth between jazz and R&B gigs. Gene Montgomery and Roy Porter were both members of the Howard McGhee band which in 1946 also featured Charlie Parker and Sonny Criss.

"Blow, Gene, Blow" is an unreleased track from the Dee Williams session which gives us a chance to hear Gene Montgomery  stretching out a bit. He can also be heard on "What Is This Thing Called Love" which was recorded at the same 1947 Elks Hall jam session which gave us "The Hunt" in which Wardell Gray and Dexter Gordon squared off against each other. On "What Is This Thing Called Love" tenor sax duties are carried out by Gene Montgomery and Wild Bill Moore. Yep, the Wild Bill Moore of "We're Gonna Rock" fame.

Anyway, here's the Dee Williams Sextette with "Blow, Gene, Blow":

Coming soon on Be Bop Wino: more NYC rocking R&B sax from Sil Austin, Buddy Lucas and Jesse Powell, a very weird 78 rpm disc by Tadd Dameron's Big Ten, courtesy El Enmascarado, and an all day drinking session with The Clovers, with input from Joan. Also in the pipeline - just what is the truth behind The Twist? And There's Good News Tonight > There's Good Blues Tonight > There's Good Rockin' Tonight. Plus whatever else takes my fancy!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Red Prysock LPs

On with the Big Beat honkfest! In this post we feature updates to previous Red Prysock posts, especially the revamped "Cryin' My Heart Out" Saxophonograph LP. For a little bit of fun I thought I'd come up with a new front cover which is more "in period" as it utilizes a 1940s photo of Red with Tiny Grimes in New York. The real cover and label artwork is below.

The original (improved) "Cryin' My Heart Out" post is here:

Download "Cryin' My Heart Out" from here:

An anonymous donor sent in "The Big Sound Of Red Prysock" which is a 1964 LP on the budget Forum Circle label. The original post is here: 

I can't find any discographical information on this release but having listened to it earlier today I can say that "Castle Rock" is one of the best honk tracks I've ever heard.

Download "The Big Sound Of Red Prysock" from here:

Back in 2010, Jeff sent in a copy of the Sil Austin v Red Prysock sax duel LP, "Battle Royal." You can read the original post with comments from Jeff here:

Download "Battle Royal" from here:

Coming soon - more New York honk with Sil Austin, Buddy Lucas and Freddie Mitchell.