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The Nat "King" Cole Trio - Trio Days

Side 1:
01. Honeysuckle Rose
02. Sweet Lorraine 
03. This Side Up
04. Gone With The Draft
05. Call The Police
06. That Ain't Right
07. Are You Fer It?
08. Hit That Jive Jack

Side 2:
01. Early Morning Blues
02. Babs
03. Scotchin' With Soda
04. Slow Down
05. I Like To Riff
06. This Will Make You Laugh
07. Hit The Ramp
08. Stop, The Red Light's On

Download from:

Personnel on all tracks: Nat "King" Cole (piano, vocal); Oscar Moore (guitar); Wesley Prince (bass).

Group vocals on "Babs", "Scotchin' With The Soda", "Stop The Red Light's On", "I Like To Riff", "Call The Police", "Hit That Jive Jack", "Are You Fer It".

Nat "King" Cole solo vocal on "Sweet Lorraine", "Gone With The Draft", "Slow Down", "This Will Make You Laugh", "That Ain't Right".

"Honeysuckle Rose", "Sweet Lorraine", "This Side Up" and "Gone With The Draft" were recorded in Los Angeles on December 6th, 1940. They were released on the following two singles:

Sweet Lorraine / This Side Up (Decca 8520) - March 1941
Honeysuckle Rose / Gone With The Draft (Decca 8535) - April 1941

"Babs", "Scotchin' With The Soda", "Slow Down" and "Early Morning Blues" were recorded in Chicago on March 14th, 1941, and released on the following two singles:

Babs / Early Morning Blues (Decca 8541) - May 1941
Scotchin' With The Soda / Slow Down (Decca 8556) - June 1941

"This Will Make You Laugh", "Stop The Red Light's On", "Hit The Ramp" and "I Like To Riff" were recorded in New York on July 16th, 1941 and released on the following two singles:

Hit The Ramp / This Will Make You Laugh (Decca 8571) - September 1941
Stop The Red Light's On / I Like To Riff (Decca 8592) - December 1941

"Call The Police", "Are You Fer It", "That Ain't Right" and "Hit That Jive Jack" were recorded in New York on October 22nd, 1941 and released on the following two singles:

Call The Police / Are You Fer It? (Decca 8604) - March 1942
That Ain't Right / Hit That Jive Jack (Decca 8630) - June 1942

Discographical info from:

"Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll" by Nick Tosches
"Nat King Cole: The Man And His Music" by James Haskins with Kathleen Benson
Bruyninckx Discography

My dad was a big Nat King Cole fan. He had LPs with songs like "Ramblin' Rose" and "Roll Out Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer" and he used to love listening to the older hits like "Mona Lisa" and "When I Fall In Love." But deep in a cupboard lay a pile of my dad's old 78s by the likes of Artie Shaw, The Ink Spots and Art Tatum. And in among the slabs of shellac was a a different kind of Nat King Cole record - "It's Only a Paper Moon" by The King Cole Trio. Here was the same velvet smooth voice but without an orchestral backing, just a tight, jazzy combo with piano, guitar and bass. And oh, how cool did they sound?

Over the years I gradually became more aware of the earlier phase of Nat King Cole's career - the 1940's hepcat leader of a jazz trio on the new West Coast label Capitol Records. Cool vocals and immaculate jazz piano by Nat King Cole, smooth guitar by Oscar Moore and solid bass by Johnny Miller. A trio which started off a trend in black music sometimes referred to as "The Cocktail Combos." Perhaps their most well known stylistic offspring (at least to us R&B fans) was the group started by Oscar's brother and fellow guitarist Johnny - Johnny Moore's Three Blazers.

But that it is to anticipate matters by a few years, for The King Cole Trio didn't start recording for Capitol until the end of 1943. The material in this featured LP was recorded by the first iteration of the group, Nat Cole, Oscar Moore and Wesley Prince, for Decca in 1940-1941. Here we find the trio still developing the sound which was to bring them such great success soon afterwards. Quite a few tracks feature unison vocals by the whole group, a style which harks back to the jive groups of the late 1930s such as The Cats And The Fiddle. We also find some tracks such as "Sweet Lorraine" with solo vocals by Nat, an arrangement which would prove to be the way forward for the group.

I ripped this LP way back in the early days of the blog and posted it with incomplete cover scans. I have added new cover and label scans for this post. There is some popping and clicking on some of these tracks. Apologies!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Swingin' Saxophones Are Back!

Side One:
01. Cotton Tail - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
02. Flying Home No 2 - Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
03. Honeysuckle Rose - Ben Webster
04. Blowing The Blues Away - Billy Eckstine & His Orchestra
05. Lunatic - John Hardee
06. IQ Blues - Ike Quebec

Side Two:
01. Riffin' At 24th Street - Illinois Jacquet
02. I'm Confessin' - Lester Young
03. The Spider - Joe Morris
04. Long Tall Dexter - Dexter Gordon
05. Hot In Harlem - Tiny Grimes
06. Cole Slaw - Frank Culley

Download from here:

Original post with full recording information:

Side One:
01. Breaking The Blues - James Moody
02. No Dues - Arnett Cobb
03. Cozy's Beat - Cozy Eggleston
04. Red Top - Gene Ammons
05. Serenade - Earl Bostic
06. Harlem Nocturne - Willis Jackson

Side Two:
01. A La Carte - Roland Kirk
02. Groovin' - Illinois Jacquet
03. Fuzzy - Gene Ammons
04. Weary Blues - Illinois Jacquet
05. The Way You Look Tonight - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
06. Triple Threat - Roland Kirk

Download from here:

Original post with full info here:

In answer to a re-up request here are the two "Swingin' Saxophones" LPs on the rare Bop u Rhythm bootleg label, a label which was rumoured to have been founded by a jazz crazed ex German Army officer with aristocratic pretensions who may or may not have deserted while stationed in Paris in 1944. Later resurfacing in the Saarland, he founded the label backed by funds raised in a house of ill repute (see the original posts for more details) in the town of Saarlouis. Following a raid by Interpol, the operation moved to Munich in the early 1960s and continued to issue material sporadically until at least into the 1970s.

The founder, whose name I will not reveal out of respect to his surviving descendants, met an untimely end in 1990. Having long given himself over to alcoholic excess, it was perhaps inevitable that his demise would be under messy circumstances. And thus it was that in the wee small hours of the morning, Harry (yes, let's call him that) staggered out of his favourite watering hole in Munich, "Mylord", and fell asleep on the tram tracks at the corner of Fraunhoferstrasse and M├╝llerstrasse. The driver of a tram heading towards Stachus failed to spot the recumbent figure and that was that. A sad end for a man to whom so much was owed by hipsters, groovers, beatniks and drop-outs across Europe.

As I mentioned in my previous post I spent last weekend in Munich and I can assure you, dear reader, that I made a pilgrimage to the spot where "Harry" met his end. Disgracefully there is no memorial plaque in the vicinity.

Please note that the first volume of Swingin' Saxophones now has a front cover from a later pressing, but I have included the older cover in the download. My thanks to a donor in Germany who supplied this material. The same donor also contributed the Big Al Sears Saxophonograph LP. Evidently a man of impeccable taste.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sweet Petunias - Independent Women's Blues Volume 4

Side A:
01. Baby Don't You Tell Me No Lie - June Richmond
02. Baby I'm Doin' It - Annisteen Allen
03. All Around Mama - Mary Dixon
04. The Richest Guy In The Graveyard - Etta Jones
05. You Don't Live Here Anymore - Monette Moore
06. My Man Friday - Mae West
07. Don't Come Over - Stelle Johnson
08. Well Do It - Ella Johnson

Side B:
01. Try And Get It - Bea Foote
02. Charleston Blues - Bertha 'Chippie' Hill
03. Sweet Patootie - O'Neil Spencer
04. Sweet Peas - Victoria Spivey
05. Part Time Papa - Bandanna Girls
06. You Got To Have What It Takes - Betty Hall Jones
07. Living My Life My Way - Helen Humes
08. Stop Hoppin' On Me - Big Mama Thornton

Download from:

Many thanks to an anonymous donor from the Netherlands for sending this LP in. Scans of front and back covers, the inner gatefold plus labels are included. Great job sir!

The back cover includes recording dates and personnel details. Recording dates range from 1933 to 1956. There's quite a few names which will be familiar to fans of post World War II jazz and rhythm and blues. 

For instance the June Richmond track features an Andy Kirk line-up which includes Fats Navarro, Howard McGhee and Jimmy Forrest. Musicians backing Lucky Millinder singer Annisteen Allen include Henry Glover, Big John Greer and Lloyd Trotman. Although Ella Johnson's backing is credited to Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra, we can see that this 1956 track features some of those great NYC session musicians such as Sil Austin, Heywood Henry, Mickey "Guitar" Baker and Panama Francis, and on drums on the Betty Hall Jones track is Jesse Price, whom we posted on recently.

So there's tons o' fun for the discerning R&B fan. I'm going on a weekend break to Munich tomorrow, so there will be no further posts until next week.

Auf Wiedersehen, liebe Bluesfreunde!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Wynonie Harris Re-Ups

Side 1:
01. Around The Clock parts 1 & 2
02. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
03. Yonder Goes My Baby
04. Time To Change Your Town
05. Hard Ridin' Mama
06. You Got To Get Yourself A Job, Girl
07. My Baby's Barrel House

Side 2:
01. Oh Babe!
02. Luscious Woman
03. Bad News Baby (There'll Be No Rockin' Tonight)
04. Stormy Night Blues
05. Down Boy Down
06. Git To Gittin' Baby
07. Don't Take My Whiskey Away From Me
08. I Get A Thrill

Download from:

Original post (2nd November 2009) with extensive biography, original release information, and recommended purchases is here:

Side 1:
01. I Gotta Lyin' Woman - Wynonie Harris
02. Playful Baby - Wynonie Harris
03. Rebecca's Blues - Wynonie Harris
04. Take Me Out Of The Rain - Wynonie Harris
05. Everybody's Boogie - Wynonie Harris
06. Papa Tree Top - Wynonie Harris
07. Lollipop Mama - Wynonie Harris
08. Ghost Of A Chance - Wynonie Harris

Side 2:
01. Married Women - Stay Married - Wynonie Harris
02. Do It Again, Please - Wynonie Harris
03. Triflin' Woman - Wynonie Harris
04. Night Train - Wynonie Harris
05. Bring It Back - Wynonie Harris
06. Nearer My Love To Thee - Wynonie Harris
07. Git With The Grits - Wynonie Harris
08. Good Mambo Tonight - Wynonie Harris

Download from:

Original post (4th November 2009) with original release information is here:

Note that for these re-ups label scans have been added and sound volume boosted. The "Playful Baby" download includes the full gatefold sleeve. The "Oh Babe!" download includes the inner sleeve which contains notes and song lyrics. The original "Oh Babe!" post includes an outline of the career of Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris who was simply one of the most important artists in the history of R&B.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Great Gates - West Coast R 'n B 1949-1955 (re-upped)

Side A:
01. Rocking Time
02. Farewell Baby
03. Ain't Got No Money
04. Race Track Blues
05. Change Your Ways
06. Rock Me
07. Blue After Hours
08. Central Rocks

Side B:
09. Rock Me Baby
10. Checkin' Up Blues
11. Home Town Boy
12. Teardrops Are Falling
13. Come Back Home
14. Sad And Lonesome
15. Evening Blues
16. Later After Hours

Download from:

Original post (26th March 2008):

More California R&B, but with a rather more basic sound than the music featured in some of the recent posts on the blog. Edward "The Great Gates" White was a Philadelphia born blues singer who grew up in Southern California. He started recording for various LA labels in the late 1940s, often accompanied by sax player Marvin Phillips (of later Marvin and Johnny fame) and pianist Richard Lewis. The sleevenotes on the back cover by Professor Hi! Jinx give a good account of the career of "The Great Gates."

I've added a few extra details below just to "tidy up", as it were. I was unable to find the release dates of all of the discs featured in this compilation. I did, however, come across The Great Gates 1956 release "Jump, Jump, Jump" in my music library, on the 1980s LP "Aladdin Magic" which I downloaded from the excellent The Blues Years blog. You can listen to that track below and if you go over to The Blues Years to download the LP, don't forget to leave a "thank you" comment. Tell 'em the Be Bop Wino sent ya!

Obscure arcane knowledge for the initiated -

Release Details of tracks:

01. Rocking Time - Rex Hollywood 28025
02. Farewell Baby - Rex Hollywood 28025
03. Ain't Got No Money - Recorded In Hollywood 199, Combo 16
04. Race Track Blues - Selective 108
05. Change Your Ways - Selective 108
06. Rock Me - Kappa 110
07. Blue After Hours - Kappa 110
08. Central Rocks - Recorded In Hollywood 199, Combo 16
09. Rock Me Baby - 4 Star 1504
10. Checkin' Up Blues - 4 Star 1504
11. Home Town Boy - Selective 103
12. Teardrops Are Falling - Miltone 5271, Gotham 253
13. Come Back Home - Miltone 5271, Gotham 253
14. Sad And Lonesome - 4 Star 1475
15. Evening Blues - 4 Star 1475
16. Later After Hours - Selective 103

Releases in chronological order:

Late After Hours / Home Town Boy - Selective 103 - released June / July 1949. No.8 "Most Played Juke Box Rhythm & Blues Records" chart, 17th September 1949.

Race Track Blues / Change Your Ways - Selective 108 - released November 1949.

Rock Me / Blue After Hours - Kappa 110 - released ?

Teardrops Are Falling* (aka Cold Blooded Blues) / Come Back Home - The Great Gates & His Wampus Cats - Miltone 5271, Gotham 253 - released ? Originally titled "Cold Blooded Blues" on Miltone, retitled "Tears Are Falling" on Gotham.

Evening Blues / Sad And Lonesome - 4 Star 1475 - released June, 1950.

Checkin' Up Blues / Rock Me, Baby - 4 Star 1504 - released August, 1950.

Rocking Time / Farewell Baby - Great Gates & His Hollywood All Stars - Rex Hollywood 28025 - released ?

Ain't Got No Money / Central Rocks - Recorded In Hollywood 199, Combo 16 - released 1952.

In November 1955 The Great Gates recorded four sides for Aladdin but only one single was released, "Jump, Jump, Jump" / "Darling" (Aladdin 3310) in February 1956. On March 3rd 1956 Billboard reviewed "Jump, Jump, Jump" as follows: "Rocking, upbeat number may find favor with the young rock and rollers." As you can hear below, it was in fact a clone of Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock."

From the LP "Aladdin Magic", Pathe Marconi 1986.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The RCA Victor Blues & Rhythm Revue

Side 1:
01. Romance In The Dark - Lil Green
02. Why Don't You Do Right? - Lil Green
03. After Hours - Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra
04. Stormy Monday Blues - Earl Hines & His Orchestra (vocal - Billy Eckstine)
05. Jelly, Jelly - Earl Hines & His Orchestra (vocal - Billy Eckstine)
06. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman - Etta Jones with J.C. Heard & His Band
07. Hot Rod - Illinois Jacquet

Side 2:
01. Dry Bones - The Delta Rhythm Boys
02. Take The 'A' Train - The Delta Rhythm Boys
03. Rock With It - Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
04. Two Guitar Boogie - Rene Hall
05. Rooming House Boogie - Cab Calloway & His Cab Jivers
06. Moanin' The Blues - Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra (vocal - Annisteen Allen)
07. Hey, Pretty Baby - Count Basie & His Orchestra (vocal - Jimmy Rushing)

Download LP 1 from here:

Side 3:
01. Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? - Count Basie & His Orchestra
02. D'Natural Blues - Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra
03. Cole Slaw - Jesse Stone & His Orchestra
04. Butcher Boy - Mr. Sad Head
05. Reliefin' Blues - Blow-Top Lynn & His House Rockers
06. Get Rich Quick - Little Richard
07. Squeeze Me - Milt Trenier & His Solid Six

Side 4:
01. Thinkin' 'Bout My Mother - Little Richard
02. Rockin' Daddy-O - The Heartbreakers
03. All Night Baby - The Robins
04. Bam Balam - The Du Droppers
05. Boot 'Em Up - The Du Droppers
06. Open Up - King Curtis
07. Shout Parts 1 And 2 - The Isley Brothers

Download LP 2 from here:

A great 2LP compilation tracing the history of R&B from big band blues, through jump, honk, and dynamite vocal groups all the way to proto soul with The Isley Brothers. This was one of the first LPs I ripped and it was originally a very early post on Be Bop Wino, complete with terrible partial scan of the front cover. Then I lost the rips in one of the several computer crashes which have occasionally wiped out my digital music collection.

And that was that, or so I thought until just the other day when I came across an audio CD which I'd ripped from the original mp3s and so here they are again with proper scans of the whole gatefold sleeve. The good news is that there are a few more audio CDs containing digitised tracks from LPs, all of which I had presumed lost, including Charlie Parker on Savoy and Leo Parker on Gotham.

As for this set, the absolute highlights for me (out of many marvelous tracks) are the sides by Mr. Sad Head and Clyde "Blow Top" Lynn. If you dig your R&B loud and crude then the following 2 CDs on the Official label are worth chasing up:

The Jackson Brothers, Mr. Sad Head, Blow Top Lynn, Jesse Stone, Gay Grosse and others. Rousing stuff for the discerning drinker, sorry, music fan.

Even more howl 'n' honk with Big John Greer, TNT Tribble, Mr. Sad Head, Lloyd Thompson, Hot Lips Page, Arbee Stidham and others. Guaranteed to get the police banging on your door should you choose to play this disc at 3 o'clock in the morning.

No sleevenotes but nice retro style covers and several hours of the wilder side of R&B. From reviews I read when these discs came out, Volumes 1 and 2 were by far the best while Volume 3 and 4 dropped off in quality, hence my recommendation for the first 2 volumes, which were the only ones I bought.

The bad news is, they may be hard to find! In the meantime groove to the LP on this post.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Luke Jones & Red Mack - West Coast R&B 1947-1952 Re-upped

Side A:
01. Jump The Boogie - Luke Jones
02. Feelin' Low Down - Luke Jones
03. Four Or Five Times - Luke Jones
04. Graveyard Blues - Luke Jones
05. Shufflin' Boogie - Luke Jones
06. Worryin' Anyhow Blues - Luke Jones
07. Disc Jockey Blues - Luke Jones
08. What You Bet - Luke Jones

Side B:
01. If You Love Me Baby - Red Mack
02. Black Man's Blues - Red Mack
03. Mr Big Head - Red Mack
04. Just Like Two Drops Of Water - Red Mack
05. Midnight Blues - Luke Jones
06. Ditch Diggin' Daddy - Luke Jones
07. I Love You Love Me Too - Luke Jones
08. She's My Baby - Luke Jones

Download from:

Original post (26th January 2010):

From the original post:

Here’s a 1987 Krazy Kat LP which features some rollicking West Coast jump blues from the mid 1940s. All of theses sides were recorded for the Atlas label between early 1946 and mid 1947 with the exception of Red Mack’s single “Just Like Two Drops of Water” / “Mr Big Head” which was recorded for Mercury in early 1951. Wynonie Harris recorded a storming cover version of “Just Like Two Drops of Water” for King, but the original version is the one by Red Mack.

This collection centres on Luke Jones, bandleader, alto and baritone sax player and clarinettist who was born in Louisiana but as an infant moved to Los Angeles. From the late 1930s he was involved in the LA scene, playing for Lionel Hampton and Roy Milton before forming his own jump trio with pianist Betty Hall Jones and drummer / blues shouter George Vann. At the Atlas sessions the trio was augmented by trumpeter and vocalist Red Mack and bass player Chuck Barksdale. Two of the early 1946 sides were credited to Red Mack: “If You Love Me Baby” and “Black Man’s Blues.”

The music is the standard jump band mix of the 1940s – blues, boogies, shuffles and the occasional ballad. The contributions of Betty Hall Jones and George Vann are particularly fine. Miss Jones pounds out some great boogie while George Vann is a good blues shouter. This is yet another LP which has languished unplayed for a decade or two in my dusty vinyl vault. I’m glad I dusted it down for the blog – it’s a cracking little comp which spotlights musicians who perhaps weren’t up there with the bands of Louis Jordan, Roy Milton or Joe Liggins, but who nevertheless made music which still sounds good sixty years later.

Additional information:

All sides recorded for Atlas Records, Los Angeles, 1946 - 1947, except "Just Like Two Drops Of Water" / "Mr Big Head", recorded for Mercury in Los Angeles, 1951.

1. Jump The Boogie - Luke Jones (Atlas 122A, 123, 160) vocal - Joe Alexander & band
2. Feelin' Low Down - Luke Jones (Atlas 116) vocal - George Vann
3. Four Or Five Times - Luke Jones (Atlas 116) vocal - George Vann
4. Graveyard Blues - Luke Jones (Atlas 122) vocal - George Vann
5. Shufflin' Boogie - Luke Jones (Atlas 122, 122A, 160) vocal - Joe Alexander & band
6. Worryin' Anyhow Blues - Luke Jones (Atlas 123, 160) vocal - George Vann
7. Disc Jockey Blues - Luke Jones (Atlas 144) vocal - Joe Alexander
8. What You Bet - Luke Jones (Atlas 115) vocal - Red Mack
9. If You Love Me Baby - Red Mack (Atlas 117) vocal - Red Mack
10. Black Man's Blues - Red Mack (Atlas 117) vocal - Helen Andrews
11. Mr Big Head - Red Mack (Mercury 8217) vocal - Red Mack
12. Just Like Two Drops Of Water - Red Mack (Mercury 8217) vocal - Red Mack
13. Midnight Blues - Luke Jones (Atlas 135) vocal - Clarence Williams
14. Ditch Diggin' Daddy - Luke Jones (Atlas 134) vocal - Clarence Williams
15. I Love You Love Me Too - Luke Jones (Atlas 134) vocal - Red Mack
16. She's My Baby - Luke Jones (Atlas 135) vocal - Clarence Williams

Atlas 115 - Goin' Down Slow / What You Bet - Luke Jones & His Five Joes

Atlas 116 - Feelin' Low Down / Four Or Five Times - Luke Jones & His Five Joes

Atlas 117 - Black Man's Blues / If You Love Me Baby - Red Mack & His Orchestra

Atlas 122 - Graveyard Blues / Shufflin' Boogie - Luke Jones with Joe Alexander's Highlanders

Atlas 122A - Jump The Boogie / Shufflin' Boogie - Luke Jones with Joe Alexander's Highlanders

Atlas 123 - Worryin' Anyhow Blues / Jump The Boogie - Luke Jones with Joe Alexander's Highlanders

Atlas 134 - Ditch Diggin' Daddy / I Love You Love Me Too - Luke Jones & His Five Joes

Atlas 135 - Midnight Blues / She's My Baby - Luke Jones & His Five Joes

Atlas 144 - Disc Jockey Blues / Me Love - Luke Jones & His Orchestra

Mercury 8217 - Mr.Big Head / Just Like Two Drops Of Water - Red Mack and His Trumpet

Find more Betty Hall Jones on the blog here:

George Vann features on disc 4 of the JSP Jack McVea boxset "Rarely Was Honkin' Sax So Much Fun." 22 tracks on the CD are credited to George 'The Blues Man' Vann with The Sepia Tones, Joe Alexander's Highlanders, The Sprits Of Rhythm, Four Joes And a Jane, Johnny Alston, and Sylvester Scott. In addition there are 4 Alton Redd tracks. All of these tracks were recorded in LA 1944 - 1947. The other 3 CDs in the set have 76 Jack McVea tracks recorded between 1944 and 1947.

If you're interested in early West Coast jump, this is a great purchase!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Jesse Price - Jump It With A Shuffle

Side A:
01. Jump It With A Shuffle
02. You Satisfy
03. Froggy Bottom
04. Kansas City Mama
05. You Can't Take It With You
06. I Ain't Mad At You
07. The Whirligig
08. Just Another Day Wasted Away

Side B:
01. Frettin' For Some Pettin'
02. Nagasaki
03. I'm The Drummer Man
04. That's The Way She Feels
05. Big Town Blues
06. My Baby Done Left Me
07. Tippin' Out (Creepin' And Peepin')
08. Blue Book Boogie
09. Baby, Let's Be Friends

Download from:

Session dates and personnel are listed on the LP cover. The Capitol sides were recorded in Los Angeles between July 1946 and November 1947. The Miltone side was recorded in 1948.

Additional discographical information:

01. Jump It With A Shuffle - Capitol 40047
02. You Satisfy - Capitol 295
03. Froggy Bottom - Capitol 40093
04. Kansas City Mama - Capitol 295
05. You Can't Take It With You - Capitol 391
06. I Ain't Mad At You - Capitol 348
07. The Whirligig - Capitol 15370
08. Just Another Day Wasted Away - Capitol 15370
09. Frettin' For Some Pettin' - Capitol 40093
10. Nagasaki - Capitol 40047
11. I'm The Drummer Man - Capitol 348
12. That's The Way She Feels - Capitol 40014
13. Big Town Blues - Capitol 391
14. My Baby Done Left Me - Capitol 15138
15. Tippin' Out (Creepin' And Peepin') - Miltone 5250
16. Blue Book Boogie - Capitol 40014
17. Baby, Let's Be Friends - Capitol 15138

Release dates:

Capitol 295: Kansas City Mama / You Satisfy - September 1946

Capitol 348: I Ain't Mad At You / I'm The Drummer Man - January 1947

Capitol 391: You Can't Take It With You / Big Town Blues - April 1947

Capitol 40014: That's The Way She Feels / Blue Book Boogie - July 1947

Capitol 40047: Jump It With A Shuffle / Nagasaki - October 1947

Capitol 40093: Frettin' For Some Pettin' / Froggy Bottom - March 1948

Capitol 15138: Baby Let's Be Friends / My Baby Done Left Me - July 1948

Capitol 15370: The Whirligig / Just Another Day Wasted Away - February 1949

Miltone 5250: Creepin' And Peepin' / (Just Before Sunrise by Buddy Floyd) - June 1949

Miltone 5250 was in the Billboard Advance Race Record Releases on June 18th 1949. The Jesse Price title was listed as "Tippin' In." Label shots of the actual release show the title as "Creepin' & Peepin'." The B Side, "Just Before Sunrise", was by Buddy Floyd.

See (and hear) this post for more on the Jesse Price / Buddy Floyd Miltone single:

We continue our West Coast jump theme with this 1987 Jukebox Lil LP featuring sides by singer / drummer Jesse Price. Or for "West Coast" in this case, read from Memphis to Kansas City and then on to California, thus picking up all the jazz and blues influences that such a musical journey brings. The sleevenotes by Dave Penny tell the fascinating story of Jesse Price's life, beginning in Memphis in 1909 and taking in spells playing with W.C. Handy, working on riverboat bands, backing Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith and Ida Cox and all that before Kansas City has been reached!

And as for K.C. well, just read the notes! Walter Page, Basie, Jay McShann, Harlan Leonard, oh, and the little matter of a small band featuring a 17 year old Charlie Parker. Then there's a spell with the late Chick Webb's band under the leadership of Ella Fitzgerald which brought Jesse to Los Angeles. Followers of this blog will be in hog heaven reading about the life and times of Jesse Price.

The sides on this collection show the K.C. jazz and blues influence and the musicians in these small group lineups are top notch, including Billy Hadnott, Buddy Tate, Snooky Young, Gene Porter, Dave Cavanaugh and Paul Quinichette. The band on the final Capitol session (Baby Let's Be Friends / My Baby Done Left Me) has Dexter Gordon, Jimmy Guiffre, Red Callender and Barney Kessel, a jazz combo which sounds a bit uneasy on "My Baby Done Left Me" but which does very nicely on "Baby Let's Be Friends" thanks to ace solos by Dexter Gordon and Barney Kessel.